We Love the Arts

Riddle Films is a Canadian award-winning production company dedicated to capturing the world of the performing arts and culture and making it accessible to as broad an audience as possible. Helmed by producers Jason Charters and Liam Romalis, their work has aired on television screens, online and at film festivals around the world, including CBC, Bravo, PBS, ARTE, BBC, NRK, and the Toronto International Film Festival, the Sundance Film Festival, the Rotterdam International Film Festival, and New York’s Museum of Modern Art.

Featured Projects

  • Samba Squad
    Samba Squad: Rock Me In The Cradle
  • slsq 001.jpg
    The St. Lawrence String Quartet: Scherzo
  • Patricia O'Callaghan: Sad Boy
  • Samba Squad Drums
    Samba Squad: Drums We Love
  • Alfie Zappacosta: Start Again
  • Dione Taylor: Little Black Dress
  • Bruce Cockburn: Pacing the Cage
  • The Flying Bulgar Klezmer Band: Angel
  • The Bills: Shining Face
  • The Cecilia Quartet: Kreuzter Sonata

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Riddle Films is located in Toronto at 229 Greenwood Avenue.

Office: 416-778-4973  |  Mobile: 416-303-9778 | Email: liam@riddlefilms.com