Directed by
Larry Weinstein

Keri-Lynn Wilson, Ukrainian Freedom Orchestra, Gabriela Lena Frank, Monica Brodka, Steven Pinker, Rebecca Newberger Goldstein, Charles M. Schulz, Leonard Bernstein and Larry Weinstein

Format: 4K
Year: 2024
A production by 3B-Produktion and Riddle Films
In co-production with ZDF and SRG SSR
In association with ARTE and TVO
In collaboration with NRK, SVT and YLE
Distribution by Unitel

In early 2023, filmmaker Larry Weinstein set out to make a documentary about Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony. It was supposed to be about how far we have come in the two hundred years since it was written. But when world events pull Larry into his own film, the question becomes a deeply personal one. Beethoven’s Nine is a documentary about music, but also about war and hope. It follows nine unique individuals, including Ukrainian musicians, a deaf composer, a Polish rock star, a best-selling author, a legendary cartoonist and Weinstein himself, as they try to better understand the legacy of Beethoven’s Ninth, the composer’s own struggles, the inspiration music can provide and how humanity continues to look for hope even in the darkest times.