Samba Squad: Drums We Love

Directed by Joel Goldberg
Featuring  Samba Squad
Format 1 x 1 hr concert documentary
Produced by Jason Charters, Liam Romalis
Distributed by Linus Entertainment

Founded by award-winning percussionist Rick Shadrach Lazar, Samba Squad is an innovative group that is forging new directions by mixing world rhythms with the sound-power and street-feel of the drums of the Afro-Brazilian Samba tradition.

Featuring members of all ages and backgrounds, The Squad is a microcosm of cosmopolitan Toronto, respecting traditions while adding original influences to create one of the most exhilarating musical experiences in Canada.  Filmmaker Joel Goldberg captures the band in concert and in interviews to tell their unique story.

“On a wintry Canadian day, Samba Squad might provide just the heat you need.”

– The Globe & Mail

Produced by Riddle Films in association with VisionTV and Bravo! a division of CTV Limited, with the participation of the Canadian Television Fund.