Where does sexuality end and sin begin?

Sex+ReligionA 13-episode romp through a provocative landscape

What is the relationship between sex and religion? Where does sex fit into the pursuit of spiritual enlightenment? Is it an integral part of who we are, or is it a blind biological drive that leads us away from the divine? In a world literally overflowing with divergent attitudes about sex and religion, the sacred and the profane, how are we to navigate this landscape?

In order to get our bearings, we will go to the experts: as many and as diverse as we can find. We’ll delve into first person, personal stories. From sex therapists to Buddhist monks, dominatrixes to Catholic priests, we’ll speak to those both inside and outside the fold: experts on tantric sex, experts on celibacy, rabbis, priests, swamis, Tibetan lamas, sex workers, philosophers and gurus, all of whose inquiry and insight will shed some much-needed light on the relationship between sex and religion.