What Killed Joe Fisher?

Directed by: Doug Williams
Featuring: Joe Fisher
Format: HD
Year: 2008
Produced by: Riddle Films in association with VisionTV

In the 1970s, Joe Fisher forged a reputation as one of Canada’s leading investigative reporters. But there was another side to him. The rebellious son of Christian fundamentalists, he grew increasingly enthralled by Eastern religions, eventually becoming a popular media expert on paranormal phenomena. While investigating the practice of “trance channeling,” he abandoned his professional skepticism, falling in love with a spirit entity named Filipa – an obsession that would lead him down a dangerous path. In this two-part documentary for the series Supernatural Investigator, filmmaker Doug Williams investigates the strange case of Joe Fisher.

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Produced by Riddle Films in association with VisionTV and with the participation of the Canadian Television Fund.